About Us

One Stop Solution was founded in March 2003 as a general insurance agency by its proprietor Rukshan Munesinghe. Along the years it has penetrated into the automotive industry starting with paint protection and vehicle security systems. Being passionate in cars and big bikes, its proprietor has ventured further to diversify the company to providing more products and services living to its name.

Today after more than 6 years of its establishment, the company is now retailing safety window tinted film, paint protection and detailing products, motor and other classes of general insurance, new, used, reconditioned and mainly classic & vintage cars and specialised event management. The company's growth has significantly increased in the last two years gaining publicity and market share. Most recently the company is in the midst of operating a specialised cafe for automotive clubs. A place where people with similar interests can wine and dine while enjoying mini events and launches.

This company will live to its tag line "If you have a problem, we have the solution" at all times. Our workforce is dedicated to ensure the highest customer satisfaction if not all, at most times. We believe in honesty and integrity as the way towards success. Our mission is to be the leading classic and vintage car retailer and restorer in Malaysia in a few years time.